Joyce Croft10Let's kick it!
Beans Beans10I was so right.
Pan Tone10Oh hello, Director Croft!
sterf jansen10
Nayt Mongoose00I wish! Congrats!
Brendan Callahan10whiskey is your spirit animal
Greg Wahnon10Boom
Lere Williams10That's Supreme Leader to you, Miss Tone!
Matty M10She's kind of a big deal, y'all.
Liz G10Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Kien Nguyen10holla 4 a dollar
DDUB 104 my lil doodz
Milan L10Congratulations!
Ben Crist00J does WERK. Will someone fly me out for this?
Jeff Wear10I woulda hired you based on this webpage!
natalia bayberry10oh hellz yeah, baby! congrats!!
Aaron Haney11I SEE PINK!!!!
Brad Vogel 10Don't forget type="email" on the email address input!
i_can_haz_ widgets ?10WOOOOOOO
Ryan Teuscher10
David Muro II11Congrats!
Arthur Kopatsy10
Jenni Grant10You are seriously awesome. Can't wait to see you!
Ian Brownlee10
Eric Lindgren10Can't wait to party with Hazel!
Joshua Forman10Congrats!
Vishnu Reddy10Congrats!
matt s00congrats, sorry to miss the celebrating!
Marie Nedich10Hells yeah!
Eric Lindgren00I'm sorry but work demands my attention... congrats and I'd love to celebrate with you and Hazel (butt) later. xo
r 210congrats on the new gig!
lil dave10sup jerk?
Jonathan Wight00I am lame!
Jen Skene00I was out of town!!! I am sorry to have missed it. Congrats on the new job!! Next up: CRAFT NITE!!! Stay tuned for email. Hope you are well!
Sophy Lee10can you teach me how to time travel?!?!?!? thx
Amy C.11Muhahahah!
Amy C.00Booooo
Joyce Croft00
Joyce Croft10